Jeff Goldblum

2017-09-23 02:09:31 by mikelzNG

everytime i look at Jeff Goldblum, i keep thinking hes as intelligent as he is sexy, but im always dead wrong. Like, seriously homie just look up quotes by Jeff Goldblum, frame them, and see your friends laugh at you, leave you, and take your steakums



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2017-09-25 03:26:37

AYYY Congratz on UOTD! You rock! Btw awesome artwork and games and movies and audio!


2017-09-25 17:54:18

hey on the topic of steakums, before vine was deleted i once saw a vine where a guy was saying "u know when u eat the ass and it tastes like steakums?" and then someone like jumped in front of them and did something crazy... i think i saw it on tumblr.... and i just wanted to put it into words here because i have never found it again and i rarely see people mention steakums. thank you for yourtime.