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mikelzNG's News

Posted by mikelzNG - June 28th, 2022

Hello again, hope your guys month has been going alright. Recently I did a collab for Pico Day hosted by @RGPAnims called FulpWare.

I said to myself that I wasn't going to do anything Pico Day related this year, but I guess my fuckin' hand slipped! It was really fun to get to do a collab thats original in concept while also celebrating the properties prominently featured. I'm glad I snatched Salad Fingers before someone else hehe. Shoutsout to @ProsciuttoMan for doing a small micrograme of Dr. Rock, which you can see linked below.


Speaking of @ProsciuttoMan, me, him, and others made a cartoon called The Startingly-Impressive Gun-Man. It was cool to work with character designs as unique as these with an animation style loose-enough to be considered charming. I'm looking forward to his future projects, and think hes a unique voice among the bunch.

After FulpWare released, I was bombarded with an influx of followers as a result of the collabs smash success among audiences. To that, I say thank you! I understand that me being apart of the collab gave me a lot of followers purely out of association, but I thank @RGPAnims for giving me the opportunity to be apart of one of the websites most popular collabs of all time and to be able to pay homage to one of my biggest influences. So thank you for the memories, and thank you for 800 followers. It really means the world.


As for general updates, I've been tied up with real life shit mostly. I'm not going to bore you with the details, but right now I'm focusing on a couple passion projects. One of them being a cartoon I've been working on since 2019, and the other being a possible documentary project separate from Newgrounds as a whole. I will release details when I'm far along to show anything off, but for now you'll just have to keep your eyes peeled for the moment!

Don't Trip,




Posted by mikelzNG - March 11th, 2022

Hey how ya doin'? So for the last ten months or so, I've been working on a cartoon by myself (with help from my friends); Dr. Rock! I wrote and storyboarded this cartoon shortly before my mother got into a car accident, and I think some of the humor reflects that, making the cartoon very personal to me. I want to thank @HabaneroTadpole and @ambsomething for helping the cartoon progress while I was working on other shit. I wanna thank @cCuntu and @Wandaboy for recording with me despite the corny one-liners (and the fact that i was very intoxicated when we recorded lmao.) I want to thank @psychedelicsamurai and @goobee for doing backgrounds, it made my life so much easier and they looked fantastic! I want to thank @ColeDawg for the music, and creating such a prolific credits theme that was received very well. And finally, I want to thank @TheOGGriper for making the creature sounds and editing the cartoon, that shit really pulled the room together ;)

And now I want to feature some fanart I've gotten related to the cartoon, and feature them prominently. The first piece is from @Ner0Flare, a dear friend and fellow artist drew Nurse Casbah! This shit is my phone background as of writing this, and I really appreciate the support! Check out her twitter: https://twitter.com/Ner0Flare


The next piece of fanart comes from my friend Tyler, also known as PixelPouch. He drew the grotesque (albeit broken) Mr. Peco. I was really inspired by John Carpenters The Thing, and wanted to do something inspired by that when designing Mr. Pecos inner demon. Check out his Twitter: https://twitter.com/PixelsPouch


Before I finish talking about this cartoon, check out my friend @ColeDawg's cover of Dr. Rock, which I used as the credits theme. It'll be on Spotify sometime soon!

In other news, I made a comic dub. I decided not to upload it to Newgrounds out of courtesy for other people uploading real cartoons as of today, so I uploaded it to YouTube (and soon TikTok and Instagram.) I made this comic a few months ago for a zine, which at the time of this blog post has not been uploaded yet. I always hated how academically perfect kids got away with so much during my time in public school, and this comic is meant to relate that in the form of a young boy named Nelson Deboyd. The comic is also available in high definition in the art section of my Newgrounds page.

Little Nelson [Comic Dub]

And finally (thank god), I reached 600 followers! I was a bit surprised by the cartoons reach, seeing as how we didn't get featured or dailyed, which is fine cuz the cartoon didn't need it! As I've said, I'm very grateful to everybody who watched Dr. Rock as well as all my cartoons (whether you follow me or not.) Thank you! I have some other stuff planned for later this year, so stay tuned!!!


See ya around, like a donut!




Posted by mikelzNG - January 7th, 2022

So recently my buddy @ThePosterboy commissioned me for another music video, similar to the one I made in 2020. Which you can check out here! Its for his new tape, which will be out January 14th. This was a big step out of my comfort zone as an animator so I thank Jason for giving me the opportunity to experiment with lenient deadlines, while also letting me help him roll out his newest project. I have another cartoon coming out very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

check out jasons bandcamp!: https://posterboy2000.bandcamp.com/




Posted by mikelzNG - May 24th, 2021

Hey wazzup, im doing some quick commissions before I go to texas to hang out with @TheOGGriper and @CoopDoop.



you can dm me on Newgrounds, OR email me at inkuboru@Gmail.com




Posted by mikelzNG - March 28th, 2021

Hey! So I released another cartoon called Gumbys Pizza. I wrote it with @TheOGGriper and started working on it before I did Picos Night Out for the funkinjam. I'm really happy with how it was received! I was expecting it to do okay, but not nearly as good (mostly because Picos Night Out was FNF related and I do be cynical like that.)


Also, I reached 420 followers (yes i do smoke the stanky danky how did you know?) Uusally I don't really care about followers, not because im a contrarian but because its not my motivator to do what I do. But regardless, i'm genuinely surprised and thankful to anybody who watches my stuff, not just people who follow me.

Check out Picos Night Out if you haven't already! I know i've made a post about it before but I figured I'd give it one more poke before closing. The FunkinJam will go down in Newgrounds history for bringing so many people to the website to post their animations (some of them taking such a liking that they'll stick around this place for a bit!)




Posted by mikelzNG - March 14th, 2021

Hi! I made an entry for the Friday Night Funkin jam, check it out. I always liked the headcanon with Pico and Boyfriend dating before Girlfriend was in the picture, so this is my stab at it.



Posted by mikelzNG - July 18th, 2020

Hi! For the last few months ive been working on a comission for my friend Jason (ThePosterboy.) Hes been making music for a while, and ive been along for the ride. The music video takes one of the last tracks off of his self-titled album, I'd appreciate it if you give it a watch!

Heres Jasons bandcamp: https://www.Posterboy2000.bandcamp.com

Much more coming soon!!




Posted by mikelzNG - May 16th, 2020

Hiya! Its been a while. Just wanted to announce a cartoon I voiced in is finally out! Im proud of my boys for pulling through--



Posted by mikelzNG - April 28th, 2018

Ok, so me and some comrades were watching "Freddy Got Fingered" (now one of my favorite bad movies aside from The Fantastic Four and Thomas and the Magic Railroad), and were talking about The Tom Green Show. I always said that trail blazers tend to fade into the background once more of the same thing surfaces. With things like The Eric Andre Show, is The Tom Green Show even worth watching?

Theres clips like this, and then theres clips like these below this that highlight why I think that The Tom Green Show was hit or miss. I mean, honestly if heckling somebody is your forte, at least know when to take it with some sort of flare without seeming like you can dish but can't take it!

The humors sort of dated and out of line with what audiences are used to now, but I think it had its place, regardless of what I may have thought of it. What do you guys think?

Posted by mikelzNG - December 5th, 2017

Hey newgrounds, Mikel here. Its been a while since I posted any updates, but I figured itd be friggin sweet to fill you all in on what i've been up to, and what i will end up doing in the future. Over the past year I've made several friends for which we've made a few things together yet to be released.



This was a parody of the french show Miraculous Ladybug, which I made towards the beginning of the year. To summarize what I said in the description, it was made for a collab that never materialized for a variety of reasons, most of which involving people losing interest and lack of time spent on management. But aside from the cartoon being alright at best, I'm willing to drop it on here and leave it at that.



The next collaboration I was in was with the boys over at Neon Fuse. We decided to reanimate the first episode of Gregory Horror Show, for halloween. I had a lot of fun experimenting with Flash and Paint Tool SAI in the process of making my scene for the project.


This next one was freelance work I did for the project Cancer.wmv, being done by Moobulated and Brian Moffat. I did storyboards and a little bit of animation for the film. The animation I did can't be viewed at the moment, but the boards will be put to good use sooner or later (whenever they get around to it.)


As for upcoming projects, the next two screenshots come from projects/cartoons I wrote and directed with @shirukenNG and others from Lovely Chumps, soon to be released! Both are satire-esque, and I hope to be releasing them in a couple weeks, before 2017 ends. Theres a lot of other shit I'd want to mention, but can't. Partially because some of it isnt set in stone, and some of it is top secret so sssssh