Jeff Goldblum

2017-09-23 02:09:31 by mikelzNG

everytime i look at Jeff Goldblum, i keep thinking hes as intelligent as he is sexy, but im always dead wrong. Like, seriously homie just look up quotes by Jeff Goldblum, frame them, and see your friends laugh at you, leave you, and take your steakums



Update 1/21/17

2017-01-21 09:45:18 by mikelzNG

Hiya Newgrounds!, its been a while,

I thought I'd discuss my plans for 2017 (so far), in terms of cartoons/animations. I'm hoping to release as much as I can this year without coming off as rushed or half-baked, to which I'm working to improve on. I'll also be experimenting with other venues such as comic-dubs and hopefully a way to get onto the voice-acting scene, to be attached to as many projects as possible, I'm out to achieve!

My first cartoon that I'm looking to release when its finished is a smutty-music video type cartoon with the characters from the "SHANTAE" series. I'm setting it up with a clickable title screen, to put my programming abilities to use, I suppose. 



My next cartoon, which is taking me a while-more to make is a parody of "The Phantom", a crap super hero movie from the 90's. I've been working on this one a bit longer, and I'm hoping to get it finished in a few months, if not after the Shantae cartoon. 


I'll try and stream a bit more animation, to show progress as it comes, see ya.



proceed with caution, chilly willy.

Pico Day

2016-04-25 15:44:30 by mikelzNG

Hello internet, Mikal here. Just came back to give an update as to what I'll be posting for Pico Day (for anyone who gives a damn)! If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed I've been drawing the Tankmen a lot. Thats obviously because I'm doing a Tankmen cartoon for Pico Day, called Tankgirl (how original, I know.) I decided to use this idea of my lack of other ideas to use for this oh so special event. Heres a few screenshots! 




Yeah, its being animated in 1920 x 1080. So, what will you guys be posting for Pico Day? 


2016-02-07 02:03:33 by mikelzNG

what have you cats been up to lately?????


2015-04-20 23:47:55 by mikelzNG

So I have an art stream on this new beta art site called PICARTO.TV (ooh caps~) If you're curious and give a fuck where my stream is, clin over here!: 

I usually stream on Mondays or Wednsdays (It flip flops I guess.) I also want to take the time to announce what I am working on currently. There is a project called SEVEN-STAR-RANIMATE, which is basically a collab of 100-something artists reanimating and remaking the Dragon Ball episode where they get the seventh dragon ball. So thats what I will be working on! And I hope to upload shots of it very soon! ... So bye! 


2015-03-25 19:13:27 by mikelzNG

Why hello there. If you stumbled on this Newgrounds pages, then I apologize in advance. I'm thinking of posting some of my cartoons and artwork on here. I can't really think of a good reason why I even joined this ancient website. Eh, I'll think of a reason later. Maybe never.