Update 1/21/17

2017-01-21 09:45:18 by mikelzNG

Hiya Newgrounds!, its been a while,

I thought I'd discuss my plans for 2017 (so far), in terms of cartoons/animations. I'm hoping to release as much as I can this year without coming off as rushed or half-baked, to which I'm working to improve on. I'll also be experimenting with other venues such as comic-dubs and hopefully a way to get onto the voice-acting scene, to be attached to as many projects as possible, I'm out to achieve!

My first cartoon that I'm looking to release when its finished is a smutty-music video type cartoon with the characters from the "SHANTAE" series. I'm setting it up with a clickable title screen, to put my programming abilities to use, I suppose. 



My next cartoon, which is taking me a while-more to make is a parody of "The Phantom", a crap super hero movie from the 90's. I've been working on this one a bit longer, and I'm hoping to get it finished in a few months, if not after the Shantae cartoon. 


I'll try and stream a bit more animation, to show progress as it comes, see ya.



proceed with caution, chilly willy.

Pico Day

2016-04-25 15:44:30 by mikelzNG

Hello internet, Mikal here. Just came back to give an update as to what I'll be posting for Pico Day (for anyone who gives a damn)! If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed I've been drawing the Tankmen a lot. Thats obviously because I'm doing a Tankmen cartoon for Pico Day, called Tankgirl (how original, I know.) I decided to use this idea of my lack of other ideas to use for this oh so special event. Heres a few screenshots! 




Yeah, its being animated in 1920 x 1080. So, what will you guys be posting for Pico Day? 


2016-02-07 02:03:33 by mikelzNG

what have you cats been up to lately?????


2015-04-20 23:47:55 by mikelzNG

So I have an art stream on this new beta art site called PICARTO.TV (ooh caps~) If you're curious and give a fuck where my stream is, clin over here!: https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=Mikalz 

I usually stream on Mondays or Wednsdays (It flip flops I guess.) I also want to take the time to announce what I am working on currently. There is a project called SEVEN-STAR-RANIMATE, which is basically a collab of 100-something artists reanimating and remaking the Dragon Ball episode where they get the seventh dragon ball. So thats what I will be working on! And I hope to upload shots of it very soon! ... So bye! 


2015-03-25 19:13:27 by mikelzNG

Why hello there. If you stumbled on this Newgrounds pages, then I apologize in advance. I'm thinking of posting some of my cartoons and artwork on here. I can't really think of a good reason why I even joined this ancient website. Eh, I'll think of a reason later. Maybe never.